Swords of Legends Online — Pet Guide

Last Updated 15th July 2021

What is Pets?

In Swords of Legends Online, pets are floating companions which follow around while you journey about the world.

Things to note

  • The look of your pet doesn’t change it’s function
  • You don’t unlock pets until you progress further in the story, so you won’t start with one right away
  • Pets do not fight and are mainly visual in nature
  • The pet interface can be accessed by pressing “P”

Feeding and Soul Qi

Once you unlock the pet function, you can open the pet interface (press “P”) and you will see four tabs, the first being Feed. Feeding a pet allows you to generate more Soul Qi which is used in the Crafting interface (detailed in the crafting section below). The highest amount of Soul Qi you can have at any given time is 8000. You can generate more Soul Qi by feeding gear, food, or pretty much anything to your pet by right-clicking the items in the UI.

This UI also allows you to see the current level of your pet, in the screenshot below you will see that the pet level is 60 and it has 88 understanding. Understanding will also be detailed in the Crafting area of this Swords of Legends guide.


Transformations are basically the visual look for your pet. You can change your pet to look like a plethora of things, such as a kite or a flying cat.

There are several types of Transformations which are separated into categories

  • Heart of Primal Force
  • Small Magic Item
  • Dragon
  • Birthday Doll
  • Small Wooden Tool
  • Origami

When you first unlock the pet interface, you will have access to 10 primal force transformations which you can equip to give your pet a different look in the open-world.

Transformations for pets are mainly unlocked through gameplay, though some may be able to be purchased or part of the battle pass content at a later date.

Known Transformations

List of available Transformations

It is worth noting that some Dragon and Origami type transformations are made up of several components. For example, the butterfly Dragon components allow you to use Butterfly Kite, Butterfly Kite Tail and Kite Spool II together to form a complete transformation.


Skills are passive abilities which are applied at all times to your character. They are unlocked by owning a specific amount of pets of a certain type. Skills can also be levelled up once you meet the level up requirements, levelling up consumes a small amount of Soul Qi.

List of current known available skills


To use the crafting interface you must have Soul Qi (detailed above) and Mysterious Parchments. You are able to craft gear pieces for your character based on your pet level, so for example if your pet is level 60 you will only be able to craft level 60 items.

Mysterious Parchments

Mysterious Parchments can be obtained by participating in daily and weekly events, completing dungeons and other various miscellaneous activities. The main acquisition method for Mysterious Parchments is through the Cultivation interface (little cloud next to the minimap).

The Mysterious Parchments you obtain will always be the same level as your Pet. For example, if your pet level is 60, all Mysterious Parchments you will obtain are level 60. The (Current) in the name of the Mysterious Parchments in various UI is referring to the current level of your pet.

Pet Understanding

Pet Understanding experience is the method required to level up your pet. To fill up your understanding bar, you must craft items by using Mysterious Parchments, to max out the bar for level 60 you need to use 1000 Mysterious Parchments.

It is worth noting that if the current maximum game content is level 70, you will not be able to level your pet past this point until new content has been added to the game.

Once you level up your pet, a new tab will appear within the crafting interface allowing you to then craft gear and other items for that specific level.

Unobtainable Transformations

These transformations appear in the UI, but are unobtainable at the moment, they will be coming in future content.


Small Wooden Tool

Obtained at random from the boss “Duhan in the Normal and Hard modes of the “Xuanjiu Jade Palace” dungeon/raid.

Pets in Other Releases

These transformations appeared in the Chinese version of the game, but there are no details on how to obtain them for our version at this time.

These names are subject to change in our global version

If you haven’t purchased Swords of Legends, you can do so right now on either Steam, Gameforge or Epic Games.

Written by Kitah#7099

Originally published at https://fayiette.com.



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