Swords of Legends Online Closed Beta2 Giveaway

I’m going to be nice and short on this one.

I have opened a x number of slots for this next giveaway, the moment it fills up, it will be closed, we are in Closed Beta 2 right now and I am sure there quite a few of you who are desperate and want keys!!!

All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire on some topics of the MMORPG Industry.

I want to hear your honest thoughts, the more detail and constructive (Negative or Positive) the better. I have quite a few keys on me this time and will be reading through every feedback and giving out to the keys to everyone who I believe deserves it.

There only so many slots this time around, so get your feedback in.

Note: The slots doesn’t need to fill up, I will be reading them right away and sending them according.

Originally published at https://blog.fayie.net on June 4, 2021.

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