Super Mecha Champions — Is It Worth Playing 2021?

I am going to be very honest, I attempted this game because I was so bored of the “regular” titles we see everyday and just wanted to impulsively try something different.

I am not a real FPS fan & yes, I also epically suck at it too. However, lately playing “range” classes in Kurtez & Swords of Legends Online, I did kinda of want to play a bit more and try a FPS title.

Here here it is, a random FPS title named Super Mecha Champions. While I do enjoy reading manga & watching anime, personally prefer manga over anime but that’s another story. I was never into the Mech style themes and I am still not. So this is no where near some bias mech lover review.

Super Mecha Champions is a Fortnite-like f2p battle royal/deathmatch FPS action shooter. It also has a full fledged cash shop that includes purchasing heroes, skins & battle pass.

Due to the nature of the game, this is obviously going to be a heavily PVP focused game. Main PVP modes are a simple death match 3v3 or a battel royal 1 vs 99 play.

While the game was released back in March 2021 on steam so it is quite new. However, from my understanding and research, this was a mobile game prior to the steam release.

Which I’m quite surprised, most Mobile to Steam ports are utterly awful, I’m looking at you Rebirth Online.

I was going to give up this game within the first 10minutes, before I even going to start a real match, tutorial took forever to load however, luckily, it was just a 1 time thing. Afterwards, the loading was super quick.

So the question begs, do I think it’s worth playing in 2021 despite being released in 2021?

Originally published at on June 7, 2021.

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