Phantasy Star Online 2 NGS Launch Date Announced

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, or better known as PSO2: NGS is an revamped/new F2P MMORPG published by Sega.

The First Closed Beta Test was back on 14th May. The PSO2 NGS launch date was announced earlier today for 9th June 2021 for all servers including Japan & Global Services.

They will be a scheduled maintenance on the same day that will happen before launch.

Sega is super excited with launching PSO2:NGS that we will be having a launch event named — The Road to NEW Genesis Event, this is anticipated to be a login bonus event.

More details will come closer to launch date, including information on the maintenance and event.

Honestly, Sega seems to be rushing this a bit to much, with Gameforge’s Swords of Legends Online around the corner, this is a risky move.

Let’s forget about Elyon, that thing is pretty much DOA, they gonna need a miracle for that game.

While New World is towards a completely different audience than PSO2, even though it shot itself in the foot a few times but I do see it still doing very well.

Last not least, Ashes of Creation honestly ain’t even in the playing field, after taking a major setback with one of their Lead Game Designer leaving for another company, and years and years of development with no real planned roadmap, I already l lost all hope for this title. I do hope it does prove me wrong though, the game looked amazing, and the minigame — Battle Royal was super fun.

My question to the community will be, are you waiting for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis or not interested?

For me, I am personally going give it a good try, I played during Beta, and it was fun, but not much to do.

Originally published at on June 1, 2021.

Anybody can make excuses, you want to be different; you make the time

Anybody can make excuses, you want to be different; you make the time