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Monster Super Leagues Water Dimensional Rift

Last Updated 12th July 2021

Monster Super League Water Dimensional Rift is one of the 5 new Dimensional Rift dungeons that was released in early 2021.

From personal experience, Water Dimensional Rift is most difficult Dimensional Rift dungeon for me at least. This could largely be due to me favoriting Light and Dark Astromons over Fire, Water and Wood. Never-the-less, regardless of the difficulty of each element in Dimensional Rift, the rewards for clearing the instances does not differ. Water Dimensional Rift only appears on Tuesday. Water Element is a Defender based Dungeon and just like the Dark Element, it cannot be sapped making Sappers completely useless in this dungeon.

In all the Dimensional Rift dungeons, you will be facing a total of 4 rounds with a Mini Boss on Round 2 and the final Boss at Round 4.

The main issues players faced upon Water Dimensional Rift is the boss has way too much Def making your Astromon’s damage look like it is tickle the boss. While each round goes by, the boss, Benji goes much stronger in terms of both DPS and Defense, eventually overwhelming your Astromons.

Manual Play Strategy

Water Dimensional Rift has a different flow to the rest of the other Dimensional Rift dungeons. The goal is to have the following.

Due to the ridiculous amount of Defense Water Benji has, she becomes overwhelming strong if the rounds take too long. Not to mention, you cannot use Sap on her either meaning the best damage sources will be from Courageous and Lethal Strike Astromons.

There is only currently three Astromons with Lethal Strike as it is a newer Skill that was released after Dimensional Rift was.

With both Astromons being Natural 5s, I would not expect many of the community to have them built up.

If you have a strong Wood “Balance” Courageous Strikers, you will do completely fine in this dungeon taking advantage of the Weaken, Expose and Defense Down Debuffs along with Attack Up buff.

Instead, I will focus on a team that is quite easily obtainable by the community instead which is still completely capable of running it on auto-play.

I personally went along with Dark Hana, Wood Cura and Wood Minicat which gives me a range of buffs, debuffs and heals and having Wood Selene the sole DPS Astromon.

Water Dimensional Rift is a Defender based dungeon, the goal is to chip away the boss’s health while making sure your DPS in my case Wood Selene stays alive and continues to get her Active up for Puncture which ignores a % of Defense (based on skillbooks).

Team Compositions

First off, these are the four Astromons I picked for my team, you are able to subsite them as you like but the main composition should be similar or equivalent

Gem Builds

Fayie’s Gem Build for his Team is the following

My Dimensional Rift Guides will attempt to use as many Astromons I used previously in other content, whether it is for Golems, Dragon Tower or Tower of Chaos. This makes content farming for specific Astromons for us casual players such as myself much less stressing. However, Water is the exception to this rule. I needed to find the perfect combo that was both easy to get and capable of having it on Auto-Run.

Idea behind the team composition is that Wood Artemis will be your sole DPS for both Bossing and Wave clearing. While everyone else is supporting her through buffs, debuffs and heals.

Variant Minicat brings Defense Down as Leader skill, Expose Weakness and Attack up as Passive and Active skill respective with all three are essentially DPS buffs for Wood Artemis.

Dark Hana brings Zeal which keeps Dark Artemis’s Active Puncture up constantly

Wood Cura’s main focus would be taunting the Mini-Boss to prevent it from attacking anyone else. Along with Resilience which provides a small SP boost when attacked.


In Water Dimensional Rift, as it’s difficulty is higher than Fire Dimensional Rift, it is not as much needed as opposed to Light or Dark Dimensional Rift. While having proper Trinkets would make the clear time alot faster than my 6 or so minutes, it is not absolutely necessary unless you are noticing your Astromons are struggling to survive through the waves. As for my team, majority of them have mostly 4* Variant Trinkets that is enhanced to +15 with a few 5*s Variants also enhanced to +15.

Below, I have a video that that utilizes two slightly different combinations containing Astromons that are both quite easily obtainable as a demonstration.

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