MSL — Draka Rebirth Festival — Attempt 2

2 min readJul 12, 2021

Rebirth Festival — Draka

Currently in Monster Super League, Rebirth Festival back until the 20th July 2021.

After my complete failure to pull a Light Draka earlier this month when Draka Rebirth Festival just began, I been busy trying get as many Nat5s as possible while being a free player.

Why am I so desperate to get Light Draka?, This is due to her recent changes making her look very strong, maybe even going toe to toe with Fire Draka. Especially since it’s has more HP and Attack than it’s fire counterpart.

While it starts off with only 90% Puncture, it is book-able to 100% making it just as strong if not stronger, especially since it no longer has the “Water” weakness.

While it does not have Morale Boost but Weaken instead, this can boost survivability instead and it would not matter as much if we are building her using Siphon Gem Set from Dragon Towers. Which I am sure I have a few Siphon gems lying around for her.

Somehow, just somehow, I managed to gather 30 more Nat5s to sacrifice for a chance at Light Draka.

How Did I Get So Many Nat5s

I had quite a few “Legendary” eggs lying around, that gave me around 5/30 I needed for a guaranteed L/D Draka.

While for the last 25, I used the same Draka I received as Cannon Fodder. The rest was where it really hurt, I killed off Valkyrie, Persephone, Merlin, Gilgamesh and such just to make ends meet.

Why would I do such a thing? Well, let’s be honest, unless I am willing to pay for the game, I am pretty much not even going come close to gathering those 30 Nat5s in a span of a week. Otherwise, I would need to wait months again before the Draka Rebirth Festival comes back around.

Not only that, I am very prepared to use my Gleems to Evo 3 my Light Draka, I have about 20–30 Gleems lying in my storage to begin with. That’s no issues at all.

As long as I have 3 spare Draka, I am able to Evo 3 them quite easily. I do have a Super Gleem as well, but, I am not that convinced to use it on this situation.

The saddest part about this was, I was able to get my Light Draka on the Light Dark Egg, however, it did not come with a square gem slot.

Not sure what I was to do with her anymore, I just might convert it over since I still do have 1 Gem Slot converter from an event long time ago.

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