Is Elyon A:IR Worth Playing in 2021

Is it Worth Playing Elyon?

Another MMORPG by Kakao Games

Elyon AKA Infinite Realm A:IR





PVE Gameplay

PVP Gameplay


Character Customization

Build Customization

UI Customization

State of Game


Cash Shop

Is Elyon Free to Play Friendly

Is Elyon Pay 2 Win

VIP Subscription

  • Hunting EXP Increase: 10%
  • Item Drop Rate Increase: 10%
  • AP Recovery Speed Increase: 3
  • Inventory Space Expansion: 16 Spaces
  • Storage Space Expansion: 14 Spaces
  • Luminus Max Energy 100% Increase (8 hours total)
  • Auto Charge Luminus Energy Daily
  • Can participate in Luminus Battles immediately after charging
  • Gives 15 Laurel Wreath Pieces daily
  • A variety of other small-functionality items will be offered, such as Appearance Change Tickets, Mana Awakening Reset Scrolls, Death EXP Recovery Scrolls, and Resurrection Scrolls.

Pay 2 Win Elements


Is Elyon A:IR Worth Playing



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