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1 min readJan 29, 2021

We’re designers, strategists, analyst and above all — Leaders.

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With nearly a decade of experience in the blogging & web industry, producing exciting experiences for brands and consumers alike.

I started up Fayie officially back in 2019 as a side project, I had plans after plans and drafts after drafts but was never officially set up until 2020. COVID gave me quite a bit more times on my hands.

Fayie operates several smaller chains of businesses. While its chief operations in the past has always been primarily concerned with the online gaming industry through its flagship genre, Gacha Games & MMORPGs. Fayiette will be focused on providing pet owners the quality information they need to ensure they have the perfect relationship with their pets.

Fayie Enterprise built its foundation in QLD, Australia back in 2012. It has plenty of ups and downs throughout the years collecting an wealth of experience & knowledge.

Using the abundant of techniques, skills and encounters experienced throughout the years, Fayie Enterprise was officially created & registered in 2020.




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