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Is it Worth Playing Swords of Legends Online?

Is This The Prefect Non-Pay2Win MMORPG?

We been promised the perfect Non-Pay2Win MMORPG title for a long time now which none of them have really made good on that promise or survived long enough to boast it’s success. Will Swords of Legends Online be the one who actually delivers good on this promise? In fact, can you actually trust the publishers before SOLO, let’s not forget some of it’s titles it currently held in the past and present. Some of the biggest Pay2Win titles includes, Elsword, Runes of Magic, SoulWorker & TERA.

Swords of Legends Online


Swords of Legends Online or SOLO for short is developed by Wangyuan Shengtang Entmt…

Is it Worth Playing Elyon?

Another MMORPG by Kakao Games

We all remembered Kakao Games from Black Desert Online right? Kakao Games latest MMORPG from this South Korean giant is Elyon. It was known as Ascent: Infinite Realm A:IR years back and this generated so much interest in the MMORPG community. From the creators of TERA, Bluehole, Kakao Games is ready to release this bad boy on September 2021.

Elyon AKA Infinite Realm A:IR


Elyon A:IR is developed by Blue Hole and published by Kakao Games. Kakao Games is a South South Korea publishing company servicing only 4 PC games and 7 Mobile Games. Kakao has a notorious reputation in the West for the publisher…

What is Pets?

In Swords of Legends Online, pets are floating companions which follow around while you journey about the world.

  • You don’t unlock pets until you progress further in the story, so you won’t start with one right away
  • Pets do not fight and are mainly visual in nature
  • The pet interface can be accessed by pressing “P”

Feeding and Soul Qi

Once you unlock the pet function, you can open the pet interface (press “P”) and you will see four tabs, the first being Feed. Feeding a pet…

What is Mentorship

In Swords of Legends Online, veteran players will have a system called Mentorship to assist newer player. One can form a “Master and Apprentice” relationship which allows players to partner together to receive additional rewards and benefits.

  • You can have a maximum of 3…

Monster Super Leagues Wood Dimensional Rift

Last Updated 11th July 2021

Monster Super Leagues Fire Dimensional Rift

Last Updated 11th July 2021

Monster Super Leagues Light Dimensional Rift

Last Updated 11th July 2021

Monster Super Leagues Water Dimensional Rift

Last Updated 12th July 2021

Rebirth Festival — Draka

Currently in Monster Super League, Rebirth Festival back until the 20th July 2021.


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