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With nearly a decade of experience in the blogging & web industry, producing exciting experiences for brands and consumers alike.

I started up Fayie officially back in 2019 as a side project, I had plans after plans and drafts after drafts but was never officially set up until 2020. COVID gave me quite a bit more times on my hands.

Fayie operates several smaller chains of businesses. While its chief operations in the past has always been primarily concerned with the online gaming industry through its flagship genre, Gacha Games & MMORPGs.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria is a remastered version of the popular Monster Collector game Summoners War that main focus is Real-Time PVP. It just launched today!!!

I remember playing Summoners War years and years back, however, it really did not age well in time.

Not only did the graphics looks super outdated, the game experience really bad lag during gameplay and on your own island area.

However, Summoners War: Lost Centuria feels like a big improvement, the optimization and graphics was a big update however the core gameplay did change quite a bit.

While Summoners War was Turn-Based Combat, Lost…

Q: Beta Dates?

A: No Beta Dates will be discussed today

Q: Alpha, starting this week. Who is getting in Alpha?

A: Alpha is designed for our Medium Press Partners, as well as selected content Creators. A few selected Forge Masters will have access to Alpha however, all Forge Masters will receive Beta Access.

Q: Can we stream the Alpha

A: No, Alpha is under NDA

Q: When is Beta

A: Soon

Q: Any rewards or benefits for participating in the Beta?

A: They might be some exclusive rewards/possibly a mount that will happen during the Beta as an event

In Swords of Legends Online, one of the items Cash Shop will be providing is mounts.

Currently, according to the Taiwan version, there is a total of 71 mounts available in game.

With 21 currently purchasable via the Cash Shop.

While the other 50 could be on rotation or something earned via in-game. That much is unclear.

One thing we do know is, each class has it’s own class mount available.

Similar to World of Warcraft ‘s Racial Mounts, and at the same time, this list pales in comparison to WoW’s collection with over 700+ collectables on both factions.



Player Versus Player Guide

In Swords of Legends Online, Player versus Player comes in many different forms, shapes and sizes.

Currently, the known forms of PVP are the following

Currently, we have confirmation from @Raederle a Community Manager that for launch, they will be no Open World PVP, however, later on, we may have Faction PVP content. As for the Outlaw/Karma Open World PVP system in China, it is still up in the air whether that will materialize or not.

Which I am more than confident to saying, this is a temporary thing, as with Open World Bosses, with open…

Did you know, Final Fantasy XIV was one of the biggest flops MMORPGs in history. It’s failure was unmatched until Bless Online came around.

To all Bless Online fans, I loved that game, I played the KR version religiously before being region banned. Then I supported the Global Release and played over 200hours before it shut down. However, despite how much I enjoyed it, It was a major flop, the developers really screwed that one up.

I’m looking at you GameForge, do NOT screw up Swords of Legends Online, don’t get all greedy like Neowiz did.

Anyways, back on topic…

This includes but is not limited to all mounts, fashion & weapon skins.

However, gender locked cosmetics will only be applied to that specific gender only.

Using a rough estimate of the prices given, fashion is roughly USD$10–20 while mounts are approximately USD$20–30.

Further, they is a full “transmog” Costume System in place. This includes all your fashion whether it was earned or brought.

Gear System

While PVP will be covered in a later series, we know that they will be a Battle Pass system added in game some time after launch.

The Battle Pass System will provide Gear Progression rewards to…

In Swords of Legends Online, currently they are three life skills that are playable

Respectively they are fishing, cooking and crafting.

Each life skill can be levelled with no current level restrictions for what you can make.

The only noticeable disadvantage for lower life skill levels is the materials you gain from open world (fish/ingredients/gathering) will be untradeable. In addition, while having higher skill level will also grant you skill points that you can freely assign for various buffs.


Fish are important ingredients for cooking food. You can fish in any area with water. But useful fish product only comes…

Swords of Legends Online, or simply SOLO is developed by Aurogon, Wangyuan Shengtang Entertainment Technology CO.. From the publishers of TERA online and AION, they bring us the brand new MMORPG. Solo is currently known for using their own in-house engine and not UE3 nor UE4.

As previously mentioned in our last article, SOLO is a Holy Trinity based game with currently 6 different classes at launch while China’s version has 8 classes.

There are a total 3 genders in game, Male, Female and Female Loli.

Each class can specialize in two different distinct roles that can changes the playstyle drastically.

Originally published at on April 21, 2021.


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Anybody can make excuses, you want to be different; you make the time

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